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Citizen Debt Services es una compañía de liquidación de deudas con experiencia en brindar asesoramiento sobre deudas a miles de estadounidenses que buscan una nueva finanza. Somos una de las compañías de liquidación de deudas más grandes y de mayor reputación en los EE.UU., nos enorgullece brindarles a nuestros clientes los mejores servicios de consultoría y respaldo para deshacerse de sus deudas.

¿Por qué se elige a Citizen Debt Services? Ofrecemos los mejores servicios de liquidación de deudas con un sistema de soporte perfecto. Ayudamos a los clientes a salir de las deudas por menos del monto total de la deuda que tienen. Con más de una década de experiencia en la negociación del alivio de la deuda del consumidor, aseguramos que nuestros clientes experimentarán un servicio profesional para la liquidación completa de la deuda.

Podemos ayudarle si usted:

Tiene facturas médicas inesperadas.

Tiene que pagar una deuda de crédito o una deuda excesivamente grande

Está buscando una vida libre de deudas.

Tiene incapacidad de pagar la deuda mensual.

Está buscando un nuevo comienzo.


lan luu
lan luu
Verified review
I am really satisfied with this services and their staff are very nice. Thanks again for helping me to get out of debt faster.
Airi Kwon
Airi Kwon
Verified review
Thank you! I appreciate your courtesy and the swiftness of your operation. I will recommend Citien Debt Services to anyone who asks me for advice on finding a way out of debt
Ledner Gayle
Ledner Gayle
Verified review
Staffs were knowledgeable. Tim is the best in the company I believe, not only he answered all the questions I had, but he also helped me go over my financial situation LIVE !! I thought i would save 50% on my total debts but company also include the fees. Thanks Tim again for being upfront with me about this before enrolling me into the program. Looking forward to have my 1st account settled.
Sarah Nguyen (Boi Diamond)
Sarah Nguyen (Boi Diamond)
Verified review
I’m so happy because my debt has reduced a lot, and my monthly payment is lower. The customer service is very good, they help me carefully and tell the program clearly. that’s why I decide to go with them. If you have a huge debt, I highly recommend you go with them.
Phil Enderton
Phil Enderton
Verified review
Their debt relief services were actually helpful. I initially contacted them in regards to how their services work and how long would the process take. I received answers to my questions straight away and felt comfortable with proceeding with their services. I was able to relieve a great deal of debt through Citizen Debt Services. Highly recommended if you're looking to remove some serious debt from your credit. Thank you so much!
  • It was an excellent experience. The company provides the highest level of care and sincerity, is willing to help, and gives better financial options.

    Dei Cheng Avatar Dei Cheng

    They helped me a lot. My payments on six accounts have been reduced to the point that I can actually pay them. I would definitely recommend their services.

    Muriel Knight Avatar Muriel Knight

    Once again, thank you for postponing the last payment. I was nervous about making the payment.

    Eleanor Hunter Avatar Eleanor Hunter
  • Loved working with tim Nguyen and his team ! They helped me sort through some of the debt-related issues I was having and were able to help me consolidate some of my debts. They all know what they're doing and are very knowledgeable in this area. Definitely, a great and friendly environment to go to! Recommend 10/10 for any/all of your debt issues!!

    Robert Duvali Avatar Robert Duvali

    These guys gave me a lot of hope for moving forward with my debt. Thanks so much.

    Lưu Kim Tư Avatar Lưu Kim Tư

    The people I've spoken to or asked questions to have been very friendly, very professional, and thorough in their answers. They reassured me that I have control over the outcome. This company is highly recommended!

    Akira Avatar Akira
  • I appreciate the update! Keep up the good work! Thank you for your help and negotiations.

    Tonya Sims Avatar Tonya Sims

    I needed help with mine and my wife’s credit card debt and wanted to move forward in my life. They were super helpful and very nice to speak with. The whole process was very easy and they save you a lot of money in interest on all your credit cards. So I highly recommend them

    David Hanson Avatar David Hanson

    The process was seamless. Getting back on track when hardships arise is quick, simple, and easy to do.

    Leo Rodriguez Avatar Leo Rodriguez
  • This is the greatest company I have ever met. They are extremely professional. Their employees are so nice. They carefully took care of me and help me get the best deal. I cannot imagine that I can be forgiven a lot of money. The support team is patient to respond and carefully explain my questions even I had many requirements. Especially, I appriciate to Daniel and Rachel. They are extremely patient to help me. They helped me to get the great deal. Debt relief is very meaningful to me especially during this tough financial period. Again, Thank you so much for your supporting.

    Ha Huynh Avatar Ha Huynh

    Công ty tư vấn rất rõ ràng, làm việc chuyên nghiệp tận tình. Các bạn trẻ làm việc năng nổ và giải đáp mọi thắc mắc. Đặc biệt bạn Daniel đã lấy được offer giảm đến 75% số nợ mình đang có. Rất hài lòng về dịch vụ của Cty

    Love Channel Avatar Love Channel

    Your explanation of the process is excellent. Thanks a lot. Having spoken with someone who understands and is willing to help has been a great relief.

    Jessica Powell Avatar Jessica Powell
  • Appreciate your courtesy and the swiftness of your operation. You did a great job. In fact, your follow-up reminded me that I had an option other than bankruptcy. I will recommend Citizen Debt Services to anyone who asks me for advice on finding a way out of debt. Especially Tim wholeheartedly supports customers. I am very pleased with the service of this company.

    Eileen Huff Avatar Eileen Huff

    Thank you debt reduction company! I am very satisfied with the service of the company, and especially Harry, he takes care of customers very well, explains thoroughly and clearly about questions! he is very professional

    Linh Ngo Avatar Linh Ngo

    Thank you Anh Herry

    Trung Huynh Avatar Trung Huynh
  • The credit card companies refused to work with us. These guys helped us. We feel more in control of our finances now that the debt has been eliminated.

    Liễu Trọng Nhâm Avatar Liễu Trọng Nhâm

    I have always found everyone I have spoken with to be professional, understanding, and sensitive. The company is helping me stay debt-free by finding the best solution for me and avoiding any choices that would further increase my debt.

    Marcus Toh Avatar Marcus Toh

Sobre nosotros

Citizen Debt Services Es una compañía de liquidación de deudas con experiencia en brindar asesoramiento sobre deudas a miles de estadounidenses que buscan una nueva finanza. Nuestro equipo está formado por un grupo de profesionales enérgicos, dedicados, conocedores y apasionados que no desean nada más que hacer todo lo posible para sacar a sus clientes de la deuda de la manera correcta.

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Qué hacemos?

Bienvenido a Citizen Debt Services, estamos aquí para diseñar un programa específico para ayudar a nuestros clientes a salir de sus deudas lo más rápido posible. Nuestro proceso incluye una evaluación de deuda gratuita, un programa de reduccion de deuda personalizado y negociaciones de liquidación de deuda dirigidas a su prestamista y acreedor. Vea a continuación para conocer nuestro proceso.

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Cómo se maneja a las deudas

Cuando llame a nuestra empresa, se reunirá y hablará con uno de nuestros trabajadores. A partir de ahí, aprenderemos más sobre su situación financiera y determinaremos si nuestro plan es adecuado para usted. Cada situación es diferente y solo se pueden considerar ciertos tipos de deuda para la inscripción en nuestro plan.

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