About us

About us

Citizen Debt Services is an experienced debt settlement company in providing debt relief and debt counseling to thousands of Americans who are looking to financially start anew. As one of the country’s largest and most reputable debt settlement companies, we’re proud to lend our expertise to ensure that our clients become debt free. Our team is built around a group of energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate professionals who want nothing more than to do everything they can to help their fellow Americans shed their debt the right way. Through debt education, personalized service, and unwavering dedication, we look to provide our clients with an exceptional experience all across the board.

For us, nothing is more important than giving individuals and families the opportunity to gain control over their finances and get rid of debt. We specialize in debt settlements and have spent years negotiating settlements for many creditors and collections accounts. Today, we continue to provide our clients with proven strategies and demonstrated results.

We do this by eliminating unnecessary costs for our clients, conducting advanced financial consultations, providing helpful and thoughtful advice, and serving as your number one advocate group to ensure that you achieve the financial freedom that you deserve as fast as possible.

Our Misson

At Citizen Debt Services, our mission is simple – we’re endlessly focused on helping individuals achieve freedom from debt through debt settlement. Each and every day, we aim to offer our expertise, our knowledge, and our resources to show our clients that they really do have the ability to reduce their debt with a simple payment plan and a term that works for them.

We’re firm believers that debt settlement is the best alternative to bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation. With sound financial consultation, financial education, and debt advising, we work to bring our clients up to speed on their own finances, so that they can continue on to live a debt-free life.

Our Core Value

We put our clients first

For us, nothing is more important than putting the best interests of our clients above all that we do. We strive to provide personalized service and individualized experiences, because every client deserves our undivided attention

We communicate with transparency

We’re constantly focused on fostering clear channels of communication with our clients throughout the entire program. Our team members work with our clients to keep them up to speed, and they’re always standing at the ready to answer questions

We listen with compassion

We know just how difficult debt can be – which is why we constantly strive to ensure that each and every client under our care, support, and guidance achieve the level of success that they deserve

We show commitment

In nearly everything that we do, you can trust that our commitment, our dedication, and our integrity is contagious. You’ll see just how hard our team works for our clients right from the start

We collaborate

We’re firm believers that collaboration is always the key ingredient for results. Our program and our team of professionals are consistently rated the best in the business, and teamwork, communication, and collaboration is how we intend to get the job done

We hold ourselves accountable

In our minds, the success of our clients is our only measurement of success. In other words, our goal is to lead our clients to financial independence – and only when they achieve that, can we say that our job has been a success

At Citizen Debt Services, we hold these core values close to our hearts, because we truly believe that they allow us to assist our clients professionally, ethically, and effectively. Even as we continue to grow, these core values allow us to ensure that we consistently deliver a quality experience and superior service

Expert Debt Relief

Our team of experts is always standing at the ready to help our clients get out of debt for less than the cost of what they owe. With over a decade of professional consumer debt relief experience, we’ll not only help you free yourself from debt, but we’ll also help ensure that you don’t make your way back into debt any time soon.
And remember, if we fail to reach a debt settlement, then you’ll never pay any fees!

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